Receivership Services

Based on our experience managing distressed assets, Dora Hospitality can assist from the beginning by ensuring that the Order Appointing the Receiver is appropriate in scope, and includes provisions adequate to insure a quick management transistion while securing bank assets, and seeing that any unpaid bills, open loans, and employee issues are resolved promptly.

Dora Hospitality team members are ready to be on site within 24 hours of engagement.  Our quick response will assure asset stabilization and protection.  The Dora Team will manage all aspects of the receivership process, including: 

  • Securing all real and personal assets
  • Financial review and revenue management to maximize income
  • Cash Controls
  • Communication with and management of Brand relationships
  • Transition direction and control for vendors 
  • Staffing/Staff Maintenance
  • Housekeeping Standards implementations
  • Asset redevelopment, FF&E purchasing/installation, and repositioning
  • Food and Beverage operations management
  • Satisfaction of Court Reporting Requirements

Dora has years of experience in hotel asset management and receivership, as well as hotel financial management and administration.  Contact us now for more information and to learn how Dora can assist you.